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What are you looking at? I’m normal…maybe.



So the study of history it’s historiography. Didn’t even know there was such a thing. Cab you go to college for that?


Economics :/


I’m taking a Government/Economics class right now. Government I found interesting and enjoyable but economics is the root of evil. It’s boring and annoying but admittedly useful. Sigh. Only a few more weeks.

Hip Hip Hooray to Being Different and Having Fun!


I can say truthfully that i’m pretty different and so are the people I hang out with. My question is: How is being different bad? Sure some people might say it isn’t bad but, the majority of public look down on people who don’t blend in. My friends and I are loud people by nature and when given free time we tend to live it up. Don’t get ahead of me, we don’t go crazy, we just have fun. We’ll sit and talk, laugh, and play some weird songs we think are funny. All we do is have a good time, but other people take it differently. They’re so stupid they say. God, how dumb can you get. To this I say stop being so stuffy. I do my work and am a A and B student but, I also know that you have to have fun. Yes, I said HAVE. From personal experience life can get too stressful too soon in life. Having fun every once in awhile is good for a person. So I say who gives a crap what everyone else thinks. Have fun and live a little. As long as your respectful of other people, yourself, and the rules around you, the fun can go on.
This is Sareeeah Keelyn saying, de-stress people!