by ~Sareeah Keelyn

Is he real?
I’ve begun not to care
Seen my fair share
of what faith has done

Torn apart bonds
I thought could not be broken
Memory leaves me no token
My heart is pulled so many ways
Too many voices
Desperate to sway

After awhile you lose your voice
Smothered by the endless drone
Then you realize
No matter which path you take
You always meet an unforeseeable fate

It seems at first
A choice of which voice to hear
And which to close your ear
But the one you need is deep inside
Buried by yourself

Pull it out
Listen close
Reflect advice from those who love you most
But in the end
The voice inside
Helps you decide

Where to go
Who to let go
Washed away like rain
Always know in times of pain
Something is left to be gained


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